TV Lover Network GetGlue Joins Twitter’s Expanded Tweets

By Devon Glenn 

Twitter is quickly becoming the go-to social network for watching people who watch television. Starting today, members of an even more TV-obsessed site, GetGlue, will be able to post pictures and short descriptions of TV shows on their Twitter feeds along with their commentary.

Since June 2012, a select group of partners such as the The New York Times have been using Twitter’s Expanded Tweets feature to add a little more than the usual 140 characters to their posts. Like the name suggests, Expanded Tweets pop open in the feed to show a headline, an image, and a snippet of text.

There is little written about the effect of this format on referral traffic, but it does enhance the reading experience on Twitter. Through the Expanded Tweets, links to GetGlue will automatically include information about the shows that will provide context to other Twitter users who see the posts from GetGlue members, which is good news for the networks and their advertisers.

GetGlue has joined the list of partners just as Nielsen and Twitter have worked out a new social TV rating that measures the conversations surrounding television shows.

Wrote the company in a blog post, “GetGlue is committed to enhancing the second screen experience by connecting fans to each other around the content they love.”