Tumblr of the Day: Obama is Checking Your Email

By Phi Tran 

It’s a sign of the times when Obama gets mocked on Tumblr faster than you can say lawsuit. That’s right, the NCLU might be suing the administration, but not before Tumblr gets to do some PR damage.

All sorts of mockery have appearing on Tumblr in the past few days in response to PRISM, but this single-topic Tumblr has been the most viral: Obama is Checking Your Email. I bet you didn’t realize there were so many photos of Obama looking at computers, laptops, and mobile devices! ┬áMost of the photos are from the White House’s Flickr Stream. My favorite caption is this: Obama is Checking Justin Timberlake’s email. There’s nothing quite like the combination of humor, pop icons, and national security rolled into one meme to keep my mind entertained.

Is Tumblr making civil disobedience too easy? Just head over to WhiteHouse.gov to sign a petition asking the administration to pardon Edward Snowden – obviously while being monitored.

Do you think this is better than Kim Jong Un Looking at Things? Does Obama care whether he’s getting similar Tumblrs to a North Korean dictator?