Tumblr Rolls Out Fan Mail, A New Interblog Messaging Service

By Megan O'Neill 

Have you ever wished you could send a quick note to your favorite Tumblr users to give them notes and suggestions or just let them know you think they’re awesome?  Soon you’ll be able to with a new Tumblr feature called “Fan Mail.”  Tumblr will be rolling out Fan Mail to all users over the next few days, opening up a new channel of communication via interblog messaging.

The Fan Mail announcement went up yesterday on the Tumblr Staff blog.  Over the next few days, expect the new Fan Mail option to appear in your Tumblr inbox and avatar menus, as well as in the top corner of the blogs that you follow.  Tumblr users can customize and send unlimited Fan Mail to the blogs that they follow.

In the past, communicating with other Tumblr users has been a bit of a problem.  Many Tumblr blogs don’t have commenting enabled and, unless the user had their blog open to questions and submissions, or provided contact information, it was difficult to figure out how to contact people—especially privately.  Sure, you can ‘like’ a specific post or reblog it with a little note, but there has definitely been a shortage of ways to actually contact someone and let them know that you like what they’re doing on the whole.

It will be interesting to see how users will go about using this feature.  Once the Fan Mail feature arrives on your Tumblr account, how will you use it?  Do you think you’ll be sending Fan Mail to your favorite Tumblrs?

Image credit: bioraven via Shutterstock

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