Tumblr Captures the High-Pitched Screams of One Direction Fans [Video]

By Devon Glenn 

Tumblr has teamed with MTV on a tribute to One Direction’s biggest fans. “Seriously, Directioners are the deadliest of fandoms and only pinch people’s bums on Wednesday,” warns the Urban Dictionary. It’s not Wednesday yet, so it’s probably safe to watch this series from Tumblr’s Storyboard editors called “Special Report: Inside the Crazy World of 1D Fandom.”

The five-boy band consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson was discovered during season 7 of the talent competition “The X-Factor” in the UK. One Direction’s popularity lasted long after the season finale. According to Tumblr, the band has already inspired half a million blogs.

Tumblr’s editorial team created the Storyboard to feature the blogging site’s most interesting and prolific creators, which made the Directioners perfect subjects for a feature.

All week long, you’ll be able to follow One Direction’s fans as they demonstrate their undying love (and tremendous lung capacity) under the hashtag 1D and on the official One Direction Tour Tumblr blog.

Throughout the site, you’ll find animated GIFs of teenage girls jumping up and down, waving hand-glittered posters, and screaming as only teenage girls can.

The series begins with this video produced by Jessica Bennett and Sky Dylan-Robbins in partnership with MTV News.

Image by waynehowes via Shutterstock.