Tumblr Being Exploited as a Scamming Launchpad

By Kenna McHugh Comment

GFI Software reported that several hundred Tumblr accounts were being misused as a fraud and scamming launchpad. Then, Commtouch, an internet security technology company, discovered how the scammers were redirecting visitors to another site outside Tumblr.

According to Avi Turiel, Commtouch director of marketing, once the scammers create a Tumblr account, they exploit the site’s useful features whereby Tumblr automatically redirects the victim to another site. The scam starts with an email guaranteeing $3700 a week income.

The email arrives in the victim’s desktop or mobile device:

“I was at home and started skimming on MSNBC’s county self-employed section on Wednesday and then was infatuated with this interesting online based opportunity where college students continue to earn up to $3700 a /wk+ & I didn’t understand all of it at the beginning but we just had to try it and thankfully I did since I’ve earned myself $426.68 my very 2nd day trying. It’s completely simple. I’ve already been paid straight into my bank account – it’s probably the best thing that’s happened to us this year”.

The victim clicks on the link in the email. He arrives at the Tumblr site, and is redirected to the fraudulent site. Turiel says the destination page is a “newspaper” where every link leads to the scam purchase page. The page is then customized based on the user’s IP address.

Many people have lost money purchasing the `kits’ by reading the email and clicking on the link to the bogus site. Commtouch explains the fraudulent process in detail at their website.

According to the USPS and UPS, scammers are easy to detect. Most of their emails and websites have misspelled words, improper grammar and punctuation. Besides, the potential income is too good to be true. Always double check with authorities or search the company online. You need to include the company’s name with words “fraud” or “scam”. When you search, you will find postings and complaints warning you about the company’s rip off scams from people who have been ripped off.