Facebook Music Game TubeHero Adds Four-Player ‘Rock Battle’ Option

By David Cohen 

Facebook gaming just got a little more musical, as TubeHero launched a new edition Thursday featuring a “Rock Battle” mode that allows four players to square off against each other.

TubeHero is a tap-based rhythm game, similar to Guitar Hero, which allows players to use almost any music video on YouTube or the Web as the soundtrack for their games.

The game’s technology analyzes videos to ensure that they are labeled as music, and it creates game levels to fit the chosen tracks.

Its developers point out that the new four-player Rock Battle mode provides an opportunity for artists looking to showcase their music, as views of their videos are quadrupled with the multiplayer option.

TubeHero has been available via Facebook for six months, and in that time, it has racked up:

  • 6 million total users
  • 1.2 million monthly average users
  • More than 2.5 million videos played
  • 298 million minutes of YouTube videos played
  • More than 102 million games started
  • An average of 17 minutes of playing time per visit

The Rock Battle option will initially be available only to users who are granted early access to its beta mode, and AllFacebook readers can get their names on that list by clicking here.