True Blood Premiere Scores Record Number of Social Interactions [Infographic]

By Neil Vidyarthi 

As Social TV continues to evolve, various companies are cropping up that are analyzing the trends of social activity that occur alongside television shows. One of the leaders in this space is is Bluefin Labs. The company touts it has built the first “Social TV Analytics Product for Brands,” and based on its track record analyzing popular shows and their social interactions, it seems like they know their stuff.

The company was started by a Director at the MIT Media Lab and focuses on building models to understand human sentiment. They’ve taken that basic goal and applied it to the fast-moving world of social TV, where they now analyze viewer reactions to television on various social mediums. I strongly recommend you check out their theory on the “TV Genome”.

Bluefin recently analyzed the True Blood Season 5 Premiere to determine who was talking about the show, and what types of sentiment they had about it. They put together a sharp infographic looking at the details, check it out below and let us know what you think. I find it amazing to see the graph of activity Рthere are specific spikes after key elements during the show. This hints to me of something greater in the future Рif we can all be watching and react to big events together, there may be some interesting applications to live Talk shows or sporting events, too.