Triposo Scans Facebook Events To Find Local Hotspots

By Justin Lafferty 

Looking for the most popular dive bar in Boston or the hottest nightclub event in Paris? Unless you know someone there, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for when traveling or moving to a new city. Triposo, a recently launched mobile application, takes data from public Facebook events and makes it easy for travelers to find fun experiences that the tour guide won’t talk about.

Triposo Events, one of the many features of the app, brings together up-t0-date public events, such as dance lessons and concerts, from Facebook and other sources, based on location. This way, users can find local hotspots without having to ask or hope that guidebooks are still current.

Triposo Food uses Facebook and other social media sites to show travelers the best places to eat.

Triposo also includes detailed guides and maps (which don’t require an Internet connection) for more than 15,000 locations all over the world. Travelers can use the app to find where the best hotels are, and if they have any vacancies.

Douwe Osinga, CEO and co-founder of Triposo and former lead engineer at Google, described the motivation behind the app in a press release:

At Triposo, we are passionate about travel. Everyone on the founding team has traveled to at least 50 countries, and we know first-hand what it is like to visit a foreign city where you don’t speak the language. We built this guide to help people discover the unexpected and bring adventure and serendipity to even the most calculated travelers.

Triposo is available on iOS and Android.

Triposo from Jon Tirsen on Vimeo.