TripAdvisor Partnership Puts 1 Million Restaurants on the Menu

By Devon Glenn 

TripAdvisor has announced a partnership with the global data company Factual, Inc. that will add more restaurant listings to the travel site.

TripAdvisor is known for its candid reviews of hotels from real travelers. With the addition of Factual’s data, the review site will have more than 1 million restaurants in its database for travelers to browse, making TripAdvisor more competitive with other restaurant recommendation services like Google Places and Yelp. The site currently relies on user-generated reviews to provide recommendations, leaving out a number of listings that travelers could potentially discover through the site and return to review.

Factual, which has information about 64 million places in 50 countries, will also have access to TripAdvisor’s cache of 75 million reviews and comments in 30 countries worldwide. The company draws its data from partners, user communities, and the web for other companies to use in web and mobile apps, mobile ads, and enterprise solutions.

“The addition of Factual’s Global Places data to complement TripAdvisor’s current offering will provide consumers the best experience and enormous choices for dining worldwide,” said Eva Ho, Factual’s VP of marketing and operations, in a statement. “The stream of contributions provided by TripAdvisor’s users will reinforce Factual’s Global Places position as the leading source for definitive global data on places.”

Image by Scruggelgreen.