TripAdvisor Updates Its Timeline App On Facebook

By David Cohen 

TripAdvisor launched a new feature today for Facebook users, Friend of a Friend, and its title provides a perfect description of its functions.

Friend of a Friend is aimed at users of both TripAdvisor and Facebook who are seeking reviews of hotels, restaurants, and attractions from people whom they find to be more trustworthy than strangers, but who may be exploring destinations that none of their friends has visited or reviewed.

The new feature gives users access to reviews by friends of friends, without revealing their identities, so that their privacy is not compromised, but with information on how they are connected, such as who their mutual friends are.

And because reviews from friends or friends of friends are displayed at the top of the results, TripAdvisor said users are 10 times more likely to receive personalized travel advice, pointing out that one-quarter of its reviews are written by Facebook users, with an average of 190 friends.

TripAdvisor emphasized that users’ privacy would be protected, saying that the sharing of information must be approved via both Facebook’s privacy settings and granting permission to the TripAdvisor application.

Friend of a Friend is now available worldwide, except in China and Egypt. Vice President of Global Product Adam Medros said:

Travel advice from friends is incredibly useful, but your inner circle may not have all of the answers on a particular hotel or destination you are researching. The Friend of a Friend feature increases the probability of an even greater personalized TripAdvisor experience by highlighting opinions from a larger network of travelers that know the people you trust.

Readers: Will you find a feature like TripAdvisor’s Friend of a Friend useful when researching travel?