Tribalfish Launches a Discussion Lounge for Twitter

By Kenna McHugh

Twitter users now have a powerful extension for engaging in longer, meaningful discussions sparked from a Tweet. Tribalfish, the discussion network, released Tribalfish App for Twitter–a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that lets Twitter users turn tweets into interactive, persistent discussions with multiple people in private and public groups. Tribalfish-fueled posts on Twitter can be longer than Twitter’s standard 140-character limit, and users can invite both Twitter users and non-Twitter users to join a discussion.

For those who used to use TweetDeck’s for posting longer Tweets, this new app might interest you since TweetDeck announced that it was removing from its apps to be more consistent with and Twitter’s mobile apps.

Tribalfish App for Twitter gives Twitter users the ability to:

1. Easily evolve existing tweets into longer, meaningful discussions, debates, support or answers
2. Set up public and private groups to either promote, control or hide the content of discussions initiated on Twitter
3. Post responses to their Facebook wall
4. Track the responses, interests and group behaviors of people with similar interests

I checked out the app, and it was simple. I had completed a simple form to request both a Tribalfish user account and the Tribalfish App for Twitter. Once the Tribalfish browser extension was installed, a Tribalfish button appears beneath each tweet, next to my “Favorite,” “Retweet” and “Reply” buttons.

With the Twitter app, I can now turn any tweet into a discussion with one click. It kind of reminds me of Facebook discussions. When a user clicks on the Tribalfish button in a Tweet, they go to an individual Tweet page on, where the app displays an extended discussion window below the Tweet. Users can also invite others to join the discussion via @Twitter IDs or email.

Tribalfish lets Twitter users choose to either view the Tribalfish-enhanced discussion from either their existing Twitter page or from a customizable Tribalfish page with a comprehensive dashboard, message stream window and large-screen adjustable viewing window for longer discussions.

This app could very well become popular with those you want to do more than just tweet. The fact that the app is so simple to install makes it even more inviting.