Trend Micro Will Make A HouseCall To Facebook Users Infected By Malware

By David Cohen 

HouseCallBanner650Facebook users who have potentially been infected by malware may be prompted to download the free version of HouseCall to remove any existing malware, following an expansion of the partnership between the social network and Trend Micro, announced Tuesday.

The two companies said HouseCall will complement Facebook’s existing anti-malware systems and help users detect and remove potential issues, adding that users who are prompted to download the free version of HouseCall will be able to continue using the social network while the program’s scans take place.

Facebook Software Chetan Gowda said in a release announcing the extension of the partnership between the two companies:

We use a combination of systems to help protect people using Facebook from threats like malware. Incorporating the malware detection and cleanup capabilities of Trend Micro HouseCall into these systems will increase our ability to perform this important work.

Trend Micro Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Simzer added:

HouseCall will give Facebook users an additional safeguard against the malicious attacks that interacting online can bring. We are pleased to partner with one of the world’s leading social media networks to provide a free solution that will help protect the online security and privacy of billions of users.

The scanning process enables users to continue to work online in a more secure environment without unintentionally sharing malicious content or being infected from unsuspecting accounts. HouseCall helps make social networking safer on Facebook.

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