Facebook Adds Tracking Specs To Ads API

By David Cohen 

Facebook introduced another way for advertisers on the social network to keep tabs on actions performed by users who interact with their ad campaigns: tracking specs.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported on tracking specs, which are available via the social network’s ads application-programming interface, citing documentation on Facebook’s developer site:

Tracking specs allow you to track what actions are taken by users interacting with your ad. Tracking specs will only track — it will not optimize for that action, nor does it charge based on that action.

According to Inside Facebook, tracking specs differ from conversion specs in that the latter allow users to track and optimize for actions such as page likes, offer claims, link clicks, or custom Open Graph actions, while tracking specs allow those users to track those actions without Facebook optimizing for them.

Tracking specs are currently limited to the ads API, and are not yet available via power editor, Inside Facebook reported.

Marketers: Will you use tracking specs?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.