Subway, Facebook, Fox News Among Facebook’s Most Popular Pages In 2012

By Justin Lafferty 

Two of the most popular topics in 2012 were the Summer Olympic Games in London and the U.S. presidential election. People on Facebook talked about both quite a bit, so it’s not shocking that U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps’ biggest sponsor (Subway) and Fox News were among the most popular Facebook pages of 2012, according to a study by the Track Social Blog.

Mainly spurred by the election, Fox News was the most heavily commented on Facebook page in the world in 2012. Track Social found that Fox News received an average of 7,443.5 comments per day.

Facebook itself was also a major buzzword throughout the social network. According to Track Social, Facebook was the highest-performing page on the social network, handily beating out YouTube. Facebook — likely due to its constant changes — was also the most buzzed-about topic on its own site. The company’s official page gained a social network-best 26,712,117 fans in 2012.

Where was the most commented-on post of 2012? You guessed it. Facebook.

As far as most posts per day, YouTube actually won that battle.

The most-liked post was from CoverGirl, which featured a 13-year-old girl battling cancer.

Subway was also quite popular on Facebook in 2012. The sandwich restaurant was lauded by Track Social for its high rate of engagement:

The Engagement Leader for 2012 is Subway: a large brand that does an incredible job at getting their audience to respond to them.

A combination of strategic product related posts, zen-vibe lifestyle images, “sub humor,” and direct promotional marketing gets the social mix right for Subway. But perhaps the biggest secret to their success is consistency – posting throughout the year, hitting every important cultural and calendar event, and understanding what their audience wants to hear.

In addition, Track Social also determined that Subway gained the most votes through Facebook Questions. Fans would often vote for their favorite sandwich, or vote for a sandwich they’d be most excited to try.

Disney was Track Social’s winner in the category of most likes per day, with an average of 74,211.4. Check out this graph from sister site Page Data to see just how Disney grew over the course of 2012:

Readers: What was your favorite brand of 2012?