Total Defense Provides Details About Facebook Antivirus Marketplace Offering

By David Cohen 

One of the new partners in Facebook’s Antivirus Marketplace, Total Defense, detailed its offering in a note on the Facebook Security page.

Total Defense said it will provide Facebook users with free Internet security assessments and anti-virus software, providing more details in the note:

Through our partnership with Facebook, we will be offering users an exclusive 10-point cloud-based Internet security assessment and free anti-virus with free installation and setup. The assessment ensures that your PC is currently free from dangerous malware, and our anti-virus software provides strong and fast ongoing protection. Our product is backed by our Total Defense Global Threat Intelligence team, who work around the clock to identify the latest threats and stop them before ever affecting your PC. If you are not comfortable running the assessment or installing the software, we can remotely install and configure the software for you. We also offer ongoing product support, free of charge.

Even the most cautious user can fall prey to a clever hacker. That’s why Facebook is constantly working to keep its community safe by implementing phishing protection, launching malware checkpoints, and partnering with leading AV providers, like Total Defense, to improve their URL blacklist system. Total Defense is now providing URLs to include in Facebook’s URL blacklist system that helps make sure the website you are about to visit from Facebook is safe. This means that anytime you click on a link within the Facebook community, you are protected.

Readers: Have you taken advantage of any of the solutions being offered in Facebook’s Antivirus Marketplace?