Recommendation Platform Top10 Adds Facebook-Integrated No. 1 Button

By David Cohen 

Recommendation platform Top10 added a No. 1 button to its website, allowing users to share their top recommendations for topics of all kinds on Facebook.

f applicable, Top10 recommendations also offer links to online stores where friends of users can purchase the products being touted.

Top10 is also available as an HTML5 application, making for a seamless transition for users between computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The new No. 1 button and Facebook integration join Top10’s app for online music service Spotify, which launched last December.

Top10 Co-Founder and CEO Tom Leathes said:

We’ve found that while everyone wants to find others’ recommendations online, from the best Daft Punk tracks to the top 10 things to do in Rome, encouraging people to actively contribute their opinions requires a really quick, fun, and easy-to-use interface. Our new platform offers just that.

More than 20 percent of our monthly Spotify app users return to Top10 every day to discover and share the best music. We’re now bringing this addictive experience to an infinite number of topics, and to any device.

Readers: Would you be more likely to consider a product or service if a friend used Top10’s No. 1 button to share it?