Automotive Synergy: BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ Integrated Into Facebook Game Car Town

By David Cohen 

A leading BBC television show and automotive brand, and a leading automotive Facebook game — a natural combination? BBC Worldwide and Cie Games thought so, which is why “Top Gearwill be integrated into Car Town.

Car Town players currently have access to a branded “Top Gear” location within the game’s GPS menu, where they can access the “Top Gear” hangar and a collection of cars that have appeared on the TV show. They can also:

  • Gain access to the “Top Gear” cars, with “dozens” to be added regularly.
  • The first three cars are the 1984 Toyota “Indestructible Hilux” pickup truck, Clarkson’s Mazda MX-5 from the Middle East Special, and the 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.
  • View TV monitors in the virtual studio that feature video clips about the displayed cars from “Top Gear.”

Cie Games President and CEO Dennis Suggs said:

As huge fans of the TV show, we are honored to partner with BBC Worldwide to debut “Top Gear” in Car Town. Our players will be thrilled to visit the “Top Gear” location and own cars from their favorite episodes.

BBC Worldwide Executive Vice President of Digital Entertainment and Games Robert Nashak added:

As we continue to broaden our “Top Gear” presence in the gaming space, teaming up with Car Town is a great step into social gaming. This is the first phase of the integration, with much more to come.

Readers: Are you revved up?