Top 5 Best Free Photo Sharing Sites

By arnoldzafra Comment

Here you go, your definitive lists of the best photo sharing sites available today. You don’t need to have a lists with 40 or 50 of these sites. Ten is enough to help you decide which photo sharing site to use if you haven’t done so in the past. Or if your current photosharing site is not enough for your needs, you might want to check out other sites on this list.

UPDATE: Check Out Our New List for 2013



In terms of popularity, audience, and features Flickr is still the top photo sharing sites, used by varied types of users. Despite the limitation in storage capacity for free account, many users continue to use Flickr as their top photo sharing site. Flickr users continues to grow everyday. Interestingly, when users are not discouraged to get a paid account when ever they’ve used up their free storage allocations. I myself was prompted to get a paid unlimited storage account and has been maintaining it for two years now. Meaning paying Flickr around $30+ a year. And it’s not a bad price to pay for unlimited storage, unlimited categories, sets and collections. This business model continues to work for Flickr. And it has made the site the top photo sharing site.



I got a free unlimited storage account from Zooomr when it was still starting out. But I never really get to used it that much. Well, primarily because I have a paid Flickr account. Don’t get me wrong, Zooomr is a very robust and feature-rich photo sharing site, but it lacks the appeal and charisma of Flickr to users. And last time I checked, Zooomr has removed the storage limit for free accounts, so you can upload as much photos as you want.

Picasa Web Albums


Despite donning the Google Brand, Picasa Web Album can’t seem to get the same popularity and usage as the other Google products. It’s a robust photo sharing and uploading site, no doubt about that. But still, I rarely get to encounter people who share photos using Picasa. Anyway, Picasa Web Albums offers free 1GB of storage, a robuts photo search engine, photo tagging, and a companion desktop photo organization tool. And it works well with, so you can easily blog any photos you upload on your Picasa Web Album.



Photobucket was a popular photo sharing site for online community forums. It offers free 1GB of storage and up to 25GB of monthly bandwith. You’d also get up to 10 custom URLS for your photo albums. It still is a top destination for users who want to share their photos and videos as well.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a fairly new photo sharing site but it certainly has great features that you would certainly enjoy. Officially it’s an online version of the top image editing software Photoshop. But it offers a cool 3D gallery for sharing photos that you’ve enhanced using the online image editor. The only problem with Photoshop Express is the bandwith demand that it requires to run the site smoothly. It was built on Adobe AIR so it definitely requires fast Internet connection. But if this is not your problem, you’d definitely enjoy using Photoshop Express.

Additional, Trial-Based Photosharing Sites

These photo sharing sites offer great features but limited storage capacity on a trial-basis.

Fotki – offers limited storage capacity while its premium account offers a 30-day trial after which you are prompted to upgrade to a paid account.

Pbase – like Fotki, Pbase also offers a limited-time trial but do not erase your free account. So you can upload photos and share it with your friends for as long as you want. But you can’t upload some more photos if you’re trial account has expired.