Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes Claims Facebook Censorship; Social Network Apologizes For Error

By David Cohen 

Fox News Radio personality Todd Starnes claims Facebook is censoring conservatives, while the social network said its deletion of Starnes’ post over the weekend was a mistake.

The post that got deleted, and that got Starnes blocked from Facebook for 12 hours, read:

I’m about as politically incorrect as you can get. I’m wearing an NRA ball cap, eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, reading a Paula Deen cookbook and sipping a 20-ounce sweet tea while sitting in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair with the Gather Vocal Band singing ‘Jesus Saves’ on the stereo and a Gideon’s Bible in my pocket. Yes sir, I’m politically incorrect and happy as a june bug.

Starnes said on his Web page for Fox News Radio that he received the following notification from Facebook:

We removed this from Facebook because it violates our community standards. So you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature.

Starnes wrote:

I was genuinely concerned I had violated Facebook’s community standards. So I decided to brush up on their list of commandments. Among the “Thou Shalt Nots” were bans on nudity, bullying, harassment, graphic content, pornography, and spam.

To the best of my knowledge, I was not buck-naked, and Miss Paula wasn’t doing anything untoward with a stick of butter. I do admit my Facebook page had some spam, though. In my defense, it was a great recipe for a fried spam sandwich (quite tasty I might add).

He also shared a list of anti-conservative pages on the social network:

  • Fuck Conservatives
  • Fuck Mitt Romney
  • Tea Party Can Kiss My Ass
  • Rush Limbaugh is an Abject Asshole

Starnes said that within a few hours, he received the following response from Facebook:

A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was a mistake and we sincerely apologize for this error.

Facebook also issued the following statement to Politico’s Dylan Byers on Media blog:

As our team processes hundreds of thousands of reports each week, we occasionally make a mistake. In this case, we mistakenly removed content from the Todd Starnes page, and worked to rectify the mistake as soon as we were notified.

Readers: Do you believe this was an honest mistake, or is something fishy going on at Facebook?