Facebook Offers Tips For This Year’s Graduates

By David Cohen 

Graduation season is upon us, and with that in mind, Facebook offered a few tips on how graduates can use some of its features, including activity log, Graph Search, and messaging via desktop or its Facebook Messenger mobile applications.

Most important, for graduates looking for jobs, the social network recommends taking full advantage of the capabilities of activity log, controlling which content appears on their Timelines and who can see status updates, photos, and other posts, both past and future.

With Graph Search being rolled out to more and more users, Facebook suggested ways that graduates who are relocating to new cities can tap into its data, including:

  • Discovering places friends have been to.
  • Discovering mutual friends in their new neighborhoods.
  • Meeting new friends with common interests.

The social network also offered some examples of how Graph Search can be used by those looking for work, providing the following sample searches:

  • [My Friends] or [my friends of friends] who work at [x company].
  • [My Friends] or [my friends of friends] who are [x occupation or title example: designers/architects/CEOs, etc].
  • [My Friends] or [my friends of friends] who are or used to be [recruiters] — further: [my friends of friends] who are friends of [recruiters].
  • [My Friends] or [my friends of friends] who work in/ nearby [x location, example: San Francisco, New York].
  • Employers of [my friends] or [friends of friends].
  • [People] who studied computer science and currently work in [New York].
  • [Employers of People who live in San Francisco] and like [programming / data science / etc.].

And since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and Jill a dull girl), Facebook suggested some ways to take full advantage of its messaging capabilities:

  • Start using messaging instantly by tapping the icon in the top right of the mobile News Feed and tapping friends’ names. They will receive messages whenever they next access Facebook.
  • Send group messages by tapping the message bubble icon, followed by the group button, and selecting the names of friends to include. Group conversations can also be named for clearer context.
  • Have fun with stickers.
  • Share photos.
  • Use Chat Heads to multitask.
  • Access all conversations via the iOS and Android Messenger apps.

Readers: Do you have any more Facebook tips for recent graduates?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.