Time Now has Two Tumblr Blogs

By Kenna McHugh 

The magazine that declared (pre-war) Adolf Hitler: Man of the Year, in 1938 now has a Tumblr presence with two new blogs. Time magazine calls the first one Time Lightbox, which is an abbreviated version of the magazine’s Lightbox blog. The Lightbox presents brilliant photos brought together by Time’s photo editors. Currently, the blog includes photographs from the aftermath of 9/11.

The second blog is plainly called Time, but will provide more than just news, offering a link to the extensive Time archives. Readers will have the background stories and a read through history through the eyes of its editors.

“Since 1923 we’ve reported on world events and helped to create the first draft of history.” In a memo from Jim Frederick, Executive Editor at Time, he explained, “And somewhere along the way, Time has become a part of history, too. Time on Tumblr aims to be a digital scrapbook of this institution’s vintage work, its indelible cultural influence and our own anecdotes on the work we do.”

The person behind the Tumblr blog is Allie Townsend, which Fredrick asked his editors to submit material through her. I am sure Time magazine will do quite well at Tumblr. It was an inevitable move for the magazine. If the two new blog sites do well, it will be fun venture for everyone involved.