TIFF-Goers get Exclusive Insider Tips with Foursquare, National Post

By Lauren Dugan Comment

The annual Toronto International Film Festival is renowned for showcasing some of the most avant garde and critically acclaimed films of the year; this year, it will also be one of the pioneering few festivals to incorporate Foursquare into its daily events. The national Canadian newspaper The National Post is teaming up with Foursquare to give festival-goers an additional layer of things to do during the 11-day, 300+ screenings mega-festival, showcasing not only talented filmmakers, but also the festival’s embrace of up-and-coming technology.

The National Post has been actively experimenting with Foursquare for some time. They have tips, check-in spots, and updated information available for those who check-in at certain locations in major cities across Canada. Their Foursquare page has just under 5,000 friends, and tips are updated daily.

Not content with simply using Foursquare sporadically around Canada, The National Post has decided to feature Foursquare prominently during TIFF 2010. The 11-day festival runs from September 9th to 19th, and is one of Canada’s most globally recognized annual events. This year marks a change in attitude for TIFF, as it hopes to become more modern and relevant. Part of this shift includes the embrace of Foursquare as a way to engage participants, and add value to their movie-going experience.

Foursquare users can check in at a variety of locations, and receive tips from The National Post’s festival team. These tips include popular and off-the-beaten-path restaurants to check out, the best place to grab a drink, and notifications of celebrity sightings. New tips will be added as the festival progresses.

TIFF’s use of Foursquare illustrates an interesting combination of traditional media with social media, intersecting at a world-class event. The festival clearly wants to revamp its image, and what better way to do so than by embracing a burgeoning technology like Foursquare?