Thismoment Launches Newest Facebook Marketing Platform: DEC 4

By Justin Lafferty 

Brands nowadays shouldn’t just pick one channel  — Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter — to promote their message, but rather embrace an integrated approach. Thismoment, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, announced Tuesday the launch of DEC 4, its newest platform. DEC 4 allows brands to easily manage a consistent presence among Facebook and other social media sites.

DEC 4 (Distributed Engagement Channels) is an update of Thismoment’s DEC3 platform, which was used by several brands, including Procter & Gamble, Ford, Chevrolet, Kia, Foot Locker, and Coca-Cola.

DEC 4 allows marketers to create, distribute, and measure interactive brand experiences across multiple sites, including Facebook, while taking into account individual user attributes. This way, brands can create rich, engaging programs that users can access easily from a both desktop and mobile and on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Jon Eccles, Thismoment’s product manager of social integration, said DEC 4 was developed based on feedback from brands that already use the DEC platform. He explained what DEC 4 can do in an interview with AllFacebook:

There’s the idea that social networks are increasingly becoming feed-based and not so much destination-based … All of that really shows a focus where brands more and more have to care about first of all what they’re publishing and second of all what their users are saying about them. Things aren’t any longer about making sure that you just have some destination on Facebook where people can go, which doesn’t actually integrate with Facebook in any other way. The idea here is that brands need to think about how they can socially engage their users and get a conversation started in everyone’s feed. If you actually capture that feed, then you capture your audience, and, from there, you can create viral attention and also retention.

In DEC 4, marketers can publish to both Facebook and the newly introduced Twitter Cards, increasing their reach and enabling users to engage with rich experiences. DEC 4 also has deeper integration through Facebook’s open graph, so interactions can automatically generate stories that can be promoted organically or through paid media as sponsored stories. Thismoment’s newest release also boasts enhanced management tools, more powerful analytics, and stronger support for various programs. DEC 4 includes an improved dashboard with a quick at-a-glance view of a brand’s social media campaigns.

Readers: How do you manage social media campaigns across various platforms?

Images courtesy of Thismoment.