This Week In Viral Videos – Hula Hoops, High Rent & A Lizard That LOVES Juice

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Happy Friday viral video fans! This week we’ve got a great selection of viral videos for you, including a clip of kids reacting to your favorite viral videos, a lizard drinking from a juice box, an awesome hula hoop trick and a NY politician who thinks that the rent is just too damn high. Enjoy!

The Rent Is Too Damn High

Jimmy McMillan, candidate for NY governor and founder of the ‘Rent is Too Damn High Party’ takes the cake for the best viral video of the week, raking in over 2.5 million views in just the first 4 days. My only question–how much longer do we have to wait for Schmoyoho to songify this one?

Kids React to Viral Videos! (Episode #1)

Have you ever wondered what kids might think of many of the videos that have gotten millions of views from adult YouTubers? You don’t have to wonder anymore. The Fine Bros. just released the first episode of a show called ‘Kids React to Viral Videos!’, in which kids watch and react to Double Rainbow, Two Bunnies Two Cups, Snickers Halloween Commercial, and Obama Podium Fail. The results are almost as funny as the original videos themselves.

Four grown men jump through a hula hoop

This video is exactly what it says in the title – four grown men jumping through a hula hoop. And it’s awesome. High fives all around, duderinos!

Alec Baldwin for Fight Back New York

This week Alec Baldwin released a video to support Fight Back New York, a non-profit group spreading awareness and raising money to support gay rights and marriage equality in New York. Go Alec!

Juice Drinking Lizard

This video only has 4,000 views so far but it makes our list because, in my humble opinion, more people need to see it. I mean come on, it’s a freakin’ lizard drinking from a juice box!

It Gets Better

In addition to plain old viral videos, a number of videos from The Trevor Project’s ‘It Gets Better’ campaign went viral this week. The Trevor Project is a suicide hotline and helpline for GLBT Youth, and the campaign is a response to the recent rash of gay youth suicides. Tons of celebrities have made videos telling gay youth that “it gets better”, as well as gay and transgender Google employees, President Obama, and more. Check out a few of the ‘It Gets Better’ videos below.

YouTube Play At The Guggenheim

This week, and more specifically last night, was the opening of YouTube Play at the Guggenheim. The jury selection of 25 artists is now on display in the Guggenheim in New York, and the official selection was also announced online. You can check of all of the 25 artists that made it into the final exhibition on the YouTube blog and watch a few of my personal favorites below. All of the videos are truly amazing, and I want to congratulate all the artists. Wow. You all deserve a standing ovation.