ThingLink’s Interactive Images Coming to Facebook

By Cameron Scott 

Helsinki-based ThingLink today began allowing its users to post on Facebook the interactive images they create with its tool.

ThingLink allows users to place links to multimedia content inside on image on the Web. Such images may now become part of users’ Facebook Timelines.

“Images are becoming forums for conversation and discovery that include sharing, touching, commenting, and remixing rich media content created by others,” said CEO Ulla Engeström.

ThingLink allows users to insert within an image links to music and video, as well as to websites and social profiles. Different icons that appear within the image point to the different types of content. (Click here for an example.) ThingLink provides analytics on how many users interacted with the content.

ThingLink’s solution is somewhat clunky, but it addresses a significant drag on the usability of the Internet: Images are dead weight, unreadable by bots and spiders and not interactive for users.