TheStreet Financial iPad App Includes Charting, Portfolios and HD Video

By David Cohen Comment released a new version of its iPad app that was designed from scratch for the Apple tablet, including HD video to take advantage of the iPad’s capabilities.

Features include the ability to browse and search archive; charting and technical analysis capabilities; market and fundamentals data; a portfolio tracking tool with drag-and-drop capabilities that updates and syncs with user portfolios in real-time; and the previously mentioned HD video browser. chief information officer Daniel Flax said:

We’ve taken TheStreet’s deep editorial content, videos, data, and tools and packaged them in a powerful, highly useful new utility for our most avid users through a crisp high-definition interface on the iPad. This new environment is the perfect balance of substance and style — something that we believe sets our app and its content apart from other financial apps.

CEO Daryl Otte added:

We are committed to delivering our award-winning, quality, and actionable content to our users in whatever form is most useful to them. To this end, we are aggressively leveraging new and emerging content-consumption platforms such as the iPad. This app launch is an extension of our “on all screens” strategy that makes our valued, branded content available through browsers, mobile devices, and all major tablet platforms. This new version of our app is a terrific leap ahead, and users can expect a regular stream of updates going forward, including soon more app-only features and content, along with fully integrated access to our leading premium services, all in this one intuitive platform.