The Weekly Kickstarter: Stars Wars – The Musical

By Reid McCarter Comment

Stars Wars and awkward kids just go together. For more than thirty years it’s been that way and, as this week’s featured Kickstarter project, the Kids Star Wars Musical Documentary shows, this isn’t looking to change anytime soon.The currently untitled Kids Stars Wars Documentary is a look, not just at the prevalence of George Lucas’ famed sci-fi franchise, but about how kids, struggling with finding their own identity, often cling to strong, cultural touchstones in order to help get through some of the most confusing years of life.

It follows a group of six students from Anaheim, California’s Arts & Learning Children’s Conservatory as they create, rehearse and put on a live musical that parodies Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. With the help of only a handful of supervising adults, the students pull together something that (at least from the trailer) looks to be pretty fantastic — equal parts hilariously earnest and tongue-in-cheek.

The documentary is directed by Heidi Burkey and Tim Larson of Anaheim, CA’s Counter Productions, an upcoming film, theater and arts production company that focuses on telling offbeat stories.

Contributions to the Kids Star Wars Documentary help to give the finished film the level of polish it needs to see release. Counter Productions requires help in financing last-touches (color correction, editing, etc.) in order to get their work ready for submission to film festivals and general venues.

Read up (and watch a great trailer) at the Kids Star Wars Documentary Kickstarter page by doing a click right here. The project will be funded on Sunday, May 15th at 10.18am EST if the goal of $8,000 is met.