NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Doubles Facebook Referrals For 2012 Season

By David Cohen 

NBC reality competition hit The Voice has been heard loud and clear since integrating with Facebook’s open graph prior to its 2012 season, with referral traffic from the social network than doubling and online votes per unique user climbing 40 percent compared with the show’s 2011 season.

The Facebook developer blog voted with a thumbs up for The Voice’s use of open graph actions vote, read, and watch, and aggregations most recent vote, artists voted for, and votes cast and shared with friends, adding:

The Voice maps the most social interaction people take — voting for an artist — to open graph to simplify sharing on Facebook.

The Voice gives people a way to add a personal comment to each vote. By adding the comment to the message property, the relevant content can be shown to friends on Facebook.

The Voice shows how friends voted in previous weeks, stimulating conversations and encouraging sharing.

Through timeline aggregations, people can share their voting history and show their support for up-and-coming artists, creating interesting stories for friends.

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