The U.S. Marine Corps Wants You to ‘Pin’ Yourself Together and ‘Dump the Plump’

By Devon Glenn 


All season long, Pinterest has been a wonderland of holiday cookies and cozy sweaters that even the Grinch wouldn’t return.  Retailers and bakeries were decking the walls with colors and textures that were so rich, they probably had calories.

All that decadence ends today: the U.S. Marine Corps is back on the site, ordering users to drop and give them twenty. Pinterest’s virtual advent calendar opened this morning with a burly Marine offering a board full of instructions for Pinterest users on how to ‘dump the plump’ and get in shape after the holidays.

The Pinspiration calendar is a 30-day collaboration between Pinterest, non-profits, Pinterest users, and brands to share what inspires them on a new board each day.

The U.S. Marines aren’t the most obvious choice for holiday fun, but remember that this social-savvy branch of the military has also inspired brides-to-be with pleasant images of military weddings and party supplies for the Marine Corps Ball. They’ve got about 6,000 followers now.

The ‘Dump the Plump’ board balances workout tips with images of injured soldiers to encourage pinners to quit whining and get some exercise. By the end of this workout, those pinners will be ready for battle and a June wedding.