The Tap Lab launches game-changing update for Tiny Tycoons on iOS


By Brandy Shaul Comment

Image via The Tap Lab

Image via The Tap Lab

The Tap Lab has today announced a major update to its mobile geo-location game Tiny Tycoons. The game-changing update introduces an new avatar options, building customization options, an inventory system, career bonuses and more to the experience, which allows players to purchase real-world locations using digital currency.

Tiny Tycoons is built on a real-world mapping engine, allowing players to walk down the same streets in the game as they would in the real world, or virtually fly to any location they’d like. When players spot a business they’d like to add to their portfolio, they can either buy it (if un-owned), or offer to buy out the property from the current owner.

By completing jobs, players can become chefs, CEOs, mixologists and more, depending on the type of business where the job(s) are being completed. The more jobs completed, the more coins players earn, and the more properties they can eventually purchase.

Since launching during PAX East 2013 in March, over five million jobs have been completed, and over a trillion coins have been invested in those in-game properties in 131 countries around the world. The game’s top players each have properties totaling 20 million coins in value, with Paris and New York City being the most popular locations within the game.

Image via The Tap Lab

Image via The Tap Lab

This update gives players new quests and achievements to complete, along with new characters to meet and interact with. Treasure chests have even been scattered around the map in “secret locations” around the globe.

This update is now rolling out to the game on iOS, while an additional “Restaurant Week” update will launch on August 24. This will bring dozens of new customization options to the game, including decorations for specific kinds of businesses, from Mexican restaurants to pizza parlors.

Additional updates are planned for future release, all in the name of bringing “more life” to the experience. One such update will bring new costumes for player avatars, like knights, robots and superheroes.

Tiny Tycoons is now available to download for free on iOS. The game is supported via microtransactions, allowing for the purchase of premium content within the game.