The State of Cloud Computing [VIDEO]

By Lauren Dugan Comment

Not quite sure what “cloud computing” is? Well, watch this video and you’ll not only learn what cloud computing is all about, but you’ll see how you are part of the cloud with almost everything you do on the net. This colorful, quirky and informative video is created by JESS3, a leading data visualization firm, and sponsored by cloud computing giant

The video goes through the history of could computing, which really illustrates just how ubiquitous it is. An idea dreamed up over 50 years ago, it was made a reality with the advent of the internet. With pioneers like Salesforce and Amazon pushing cloud computing to its limits in the early days, it is now an integral part of nearly all online interactions on what is called Web 2.0 – consisting of email, social networks, and other products.

Moving on to the monetization of the industry, you really begin to see just how massive it is. With investments totaling $25.7 million in 2005, cloud computing grew to a massive $374.8 million investments in 2009.

And, possibly the most exciting aspect of the video, once you learn what cloud computing is, you get to see all the possibilities it opens up. Familiar services like Skype, Dropbox, Farmville and Gmail make an appearance in the video, giving viewers that “ah ha!” moment. As the narrator says, “Every time you check your email online, you’re in the cloud. Every time you tend to your crops, you’re in the cloud. Every time you share your thoughts, you’re in the cloud.”

The founder and CEO of JESS3, Jesse Thomas, notes that cloud computing is important not just for everyday activities online, but for how his own company functions:

“With dozens of team members living all over the world, working in the cloud is critical for JESS3. In fact, I run my company 100% in the cloud. From sending files, to IM’ing, to collaborating on documents with each other and clients; what we do each day would not be possible without the freedom of the cloud.”

Take a look at the video below: