The People Have Spoken: Seth MacFarlane Is Not the ‘Worst Host Ever’

By Devon Glenn 

“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane might have rubbed a few critics the wrong way while hosting the 2013 Academy Awards, but most viewers didn’t think he was the worst host they’d ever seen.

Social media research firm Fizziology analyzed Twitter and Facebook posts about the Oscars to find out what viewers thought of MacFarlane while he was on stage joking about Lincoln’s assassination and singing about actresses’ boobs.

“Funny. Sexist. Sassy. Awkward,” were the keywords that CNN used to describe his performance. The Daily Beast said MacFarlane “bombed terribly.”

The viewers at home were more forgiving.  In fact, 13 percent of social media commentators called MacFarlane the “Best Host Ever,” according to Fizziology. Here’s what the others were saying:

  • Only 7 percent described MacFarlane as “Sexist.”
  • Only 5 percent said he was “Offensive.”
  • Only 6 percent said MacFarlane was the “Worst Host Ever.”

To put it all into perspective, that’s only a few more than the 4 percent of social media critics who said they thought MacFarlane looked like Peter Brady.

Seth MacFarlane photo by s_bukley; Christopher Knight photo by Charles Edwards via