The New York Times Launches International Account on WeChat (Exclusive)

By Justin Lafferty Comment


The New York Times announced to SocialTimes today that the company has launched an official international account on WeChat.

Followers of The Times’ account on WeChat will receive a daily report of news and features in both English and Chinese.

This is an international account on WeChat and will not be available within China. A New York Times spokesperson told SocialTimes that the target audience is WeChat’s 100 million monthly active readers in more than 200 other countries.

Craig Smith, The Times‘ managing director of China, commented on the publication’s WeChat presence:

WeChat is a dominant social media platform in Asia with a fast growing footprint and we think it is important to be present on the platform as its reach expands.


The account was launched in collaboration with CuriosityChina, a digital and technology agency. The Times‘ international presence on WeChat expands the reach of the publication’s journalism to those aforementioned 100 million monthly active users.

Philip Pan, The New York Times‘¬†Asia editor:

The New York Times is always looking to bring its journalism where interested audiences are congregating.

To follow the account, search for the account ID (TheNYTimes) on WeChat or scan the QR code below.