The MTV Movie Awards Let Users Tweet for the Best Hero Category

By Neil Vidyarthi 

I’m afraid to admit it in public, worried about being cursed as a mainstreamer by hordes of nerd hipsters, but I used to watch the MTV Movie Awards every year.  They combined the excitement of the year’s top blockbusters with a little visual panache and excitement, and most importantly, humor.  They’ve kept up their reputation as the years have gone by, and even though I don’t get to watch every single time, I still hear the news about the innovative steps and exciting events they try to plan each year.  Well, this year they’ve introduced live social voting, and an entire category will be determined by the live social audience during the show.

Users will be able to vote for their favorite “Real Hero” using Twitter hashtags.  The voting has already began and will continue until the awards and will run through the night itself.  There will be a cool visualization that will show the live comments coming in as they do, giving the movies the potential for a real time race.  here will also be a possible integration with Facebook, where memorable moments will be posted to Facebook to engage and capture fan reactions in the forms of likes and comments as the show continues.

So far, it looks like Harry Potter and Katniss are in a dead heat for the prize.  I imagine it will continue that way, but I give the edge to Katniss — her clique is die-hard!

Also, check out Lost Remote for an interview with Colin Helms, SVP of digital and Michael Scogin, VP of mobile at MTV.  They answer some interesting questions about the goals and scope of MTV’s social strategy around the awards.