The Most-Played Games of 2012

By Devon Glenn 

Raptr, an online community for gamers, has revealed which popular titles got the most play in its second annual Most Played Games Awards.

The analysts looked at the total playtime, the average total playtime per person, and the average session length to come up with the top games that were played, but not necessarily released, in 2012.

Rather than arguing the merits of the games themselves, Raptr looked at choices the game companies made that affected how much time people spent playing them.

Making a paid game free was a selling point for many players. “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” for example, saw a playtime increase of 136 percent just 2 weeks after switching to a free-to-play model. The top 10 percent of these players have devoted more than 250 hours to the game.

User-generated content also helped. When the puzzle game “Portal 2” released mod tools to let players build their own levels, playtime increased 446 percent. (Is that why only 60 percent of players have beaten the game?)

The study also looked at behavioral trends within each title. Here’s a fun fact: 27 percent of “Minecraft” players have tried to get on a pig in an attempt to fly. Raptr is also calling “Minecraft” the most-played  Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) game of 2012.

Just for fun, click on the image below to see the 6 games that topped the list in different categories. Which ones are your favorites? You can use the thumb buttons to vote them up or down.