The Beastie Boys Make Some Noise on Tumblr

By Kenna McHugh Comment

We have been hearing how Tumblr has been growing like crazy, but now the social networking platform is getting noticed even more with The Beastie Boys new song, “Make Some Noise.” The popular rock band introduced their new song from their next album by playing it on Tumblr. Beastie Boy Mike D posted on the site about using Tumblr and saying that it wasn’t really part of the plan, but since followers are out there, “we wanted to let you hear it here first, or maybe second. Enjoy.”

The Beastie Boys have been around since the late 70s, but they’re still as influential as ever. Emerging as a punk band called The Young Aborigines, they soon changed their name to The Beastie Boys after original guitarist Berry suggested the change.

It seems that the band tends to have success by accident. Their first rap single ‘Cooky Puss’ originated as a prank call to an ice cream company. ‘Cooky Puss’ began to take the underground dance scene of New York by storm, and the punk band realized they had found their niche.

In the past, the rock band might have released “Make Some Noise” on Myspace or YouTube. But it looks like they have found their place with Tumblr. The Beastie Boys official site sends fans to Tumblr to listen to the new song, and even their Facebook page links to the Tumblr post.