The 6 Passwords You Clearly Shouldn't Use Based On The Gawker Password Hacks

By Katie Kindelan Comment

Gawker Media continues to recover from a bad week after being forced to admit that its most popular sites like Gizmodo, Gawker and Lifehacker were left open to hackers who tapped into the usernames, email addresses and passwords of more than one million registered users. Now there’s news that the sites’ dedicated, and typically web-savvy, users are surprisingly not online privacy-savvy, or maybe just careless.

The Wall Street Journal dug into the 188,279 passcodes that were decoded and made public as part of the hack to find the 50 most-popular Gawker Media passwords. From that list, here are the top six passwords you definitely should never, ever use:

1)Â   123456Â   – used by more than 3,000 Gawker users

2)Â   password – used by just under 2,000 Gawker users

3)Â   12345678 – used by more than 1,000 Gawker users

4)   lifehack   – used by just under 1,000 Gawker users

5)Â   qwerty – used by more than 500 Gawker users

6)Â   abc123 – used by just under 500 Gawker users

Why not use these quick, easy-to-remember passwords? Even the folks at Gawker Media had to remind themselves, and their readers, of that, with a guide here at Lifehacker, a Gawker Media site.

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