The 6 Fastest-Growing Google+ Users You’ve Never Heard Of

By Cameron Scott 

Critics look at Google+’s user numbers compared to Facebook’s and see failure for Google. But non-celebrity users on the smaller platform still have the chance to stand out in ways they no longer can on Facebook. Among the users of the social network who are gaining followers fastest are these relatively obscure figures, according to GPlusData, which tracks more than 105 million users and 1.5 million Pages. (The numbers below are based on data pulled at 11:37 a.m. today.)


google plusMax Rubenacker: Gained 9,953 followers in a day.
Max is a digital visual artist who lives in Colorado. He has no professional presence on Facebook. His website is



google plus, social networks, facebookLizzy Spit: Gained 7,034 followers in a day.
Lizzy Spit is a singer-songwriter based in Australia who has built a following using social media—mostly Google+ and YouTube. She has just 1,485 followers on Facebook.



google plus, facebook, social networksLuzia de Faria: Gained 5,649 followers in a day.
Luzia de Faria is a woman who works, she says, in the front office of a Starwood Hotel. She has no public posts and a very sexy profile picture. Her presence on YouTube consists of a sexy video that was pulled due to copyright infringements. Two days ago Ms. De Faria had no followers on Goolge+.


google plusThomas Hawk: Gained 5,369 followers in a day.
Thomas Hawk is a Bay Area-based photographer whose goal is to publish a million photos in his lifetime. With 4.6 million followers on Google+, he’s still one of the site’s fastest growing users. On Facebook, he counts just under 300,000 on Facebook.


google plus, social networks, facebookTrey Ratcliff: Gained 5,229 followers in a day.
Trey Ratcliff is a New Zealand-based travel photographer. He has 4.6 million followers on Google+, 4.8 million on Pinterest and 440,000 on Facebook. Ratcliff’s blog,, is a top travel photography blog.


google plus, facebook, social networks, Limor Fried: Gained 4,480 followers in a day.
Limor Fried is the New York-based owner of the electronics hobbyist company Adafruit Industries. A million and a half people follow her posts about robots, comics and code. She has just over 700 followers on Facebook.


google plus, facebook, social networks, stefanie cruzStefanie Cruz: Gained 4,436 followers in a day.
Stefanie Cruz is the anchor at FOX 40 in Sacramento. Although just 213,000 users follow her on Google+, she’s one of the platform’s fastest growing users. She has conducted Hangouts on the site to talk about the news with viewers and quotes their feedback in her broadcasts.