Tesla Motors Model S Zooms Into Facebook Game Car Town, With Help From ‘Motor Trend’

By David Cohen 

The Tesla Motors Model S electric sedan found itself in the news earlier this month after a controversial negative review in The New York Times. Now, Facebook users can decide for themselves by adding virtual Model S sedans to Car Town, an automotive game from Cie Games.

Cie Games teamed up with Tesla Motors and Motor Trend to bring the first winner of the magazine’s “Car of the Year” powered by a source other than an internal combustion engine into game play, allowing Car Town players to add the Model S to their virtual garages.

Other integration between Car Town and Motor Trend includes in-game Motor Trend pop-ups featuring new car releases and design contests, with the winners of those contests receiving exclusive Motor Trend-branded Scion FR-S cars for their virtual garages.

Cie Games President and CEO Dennis Suggs said:

The 2013 Car of the Year is coming to Car Town, thanks to our fan page promotion and partnerships with Motor Trend and Tesla. The Tesla Model S is a game-changer, combining superior vehicle engineering with advanced electric powertrain technology, and any true automobile aficionado will want this kind of horsepower in their stable. We’re proud to be offering our first Tesla straight from the pages of Motor Trend to the virtual garages of our car-loving players.

Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief Edward Loh added:

Cie Games has proven that it’s one of the best development partners to work with on successfully integrating a brand into a Facebook game in a meaningful way. Lending the use of the Motor Trend name and the Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan, our 2013 Car of the Year, to Car Town is testament to what a great game it is for gearheads everywhere.

And Tesla Motors Communications Manager Shanna Hendriks said:

Model S, the world’s first premium electric vehicle, is one of the most technologically advanced cars on the road. Integrating it into Car Town allows us to introduce players to the benefits of Model S in a unique and virtual way.

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