Telly Introduces Social Graph for Video Discovery

By Devon Glenn 

Social video community Telly has tapped into its social graph to show users the videos that their friends have watched and liked when they’re looking for something new. Launched today, MyTelly analyzes activity on Facebook and Twitter to pull video content from across the web.

“Our goal with My Telly is to only play videos you’ll love,” said Telly CEO Mo Al Adham in a statement. “People love videos they get from friends but simply don’t have the time and tools to find those videos easily. Facebook and Twitter updates are like a river, and are quickly replaced with all kinds of other information. Most people still rely on email for video sharing.”

The application prioritizes the most-watched, discussed, liked, and posted videos from Telly, Facebook, and Twitter and displays them in a carousel for what the company describes as a “lean-back” viewing experience.

MyTelly also takes into account whether the videos are being viewed on an Android, an iPhone, or the web before selecting the top videos to deliver shorter selections to mobile users.

Formerly known as Twitvid, the company rebranded itself as Telly in June 2012. Telly’s user based has doubled to  7 million users, while the number of videos on the site has grown from 7 million to 75 million, according to the company. Engagement is also up, with the average Telly user spending 20 minutes on the site and watching more than 4 videos per visit.