Teens Top Pick For Music Listening Is YouTube, But Radio Is Still King Of Music Discovery

By Megan O'Neill 

How do you get your music fix?  The radio?  CDs?  Pandora?  If you’re a teen you’d probably answer “YouTube.”  According to Nielsen’s Music 360 Report, “more teens listen to music through YouTube than through any other source.”

The Music 360 Report takes a look at how music lovers are discovering and listening to music, in an age with a plethora of options for consumption.  The report found that radio is still dominant when it comes to discovering new music, with 48 percent of people discovering music most often thought the radio, followed by 10 percent discovering music most often through friends or relatives and 7 percent discovering music most often through YouTube.

However, when you look at a sample of teens you find that YouTube has a lot more pull.  YouTube was the number one source for teens for listening to music, with 64 percent of teens listening to music through the video site.  58 percent of teens listen to music on the radio, 53 percent of teens listen to music through iTunes and 50 percent of teens listen to music on CD.  It is not evident whether teens use YouTube for discovery or just for listening, though.

David Bakula, SVP Client Development at Nielsen says, “The accessibility of music has seen tremendous expansion and diversification.  While younger listeners opt for technologically advanced methods, traditional methods of discovery like radio and word-of-mouth continue to be strong drivers.  With so many ways to purchase, consume and discover great new music, it’s no wonder that the consumer continues to access and enjoy music in greater numbers.”

I fall into the YouTube camp when it comes to listening to music throughout the day—I look up and listen to songs as they pop into my head, create playlists, share music videos on Twitter and Facebook.  However, like 48 percent of people, the radio is still one of the main places I discover new music (because what else is there to do in the car?).

How do you get your music fix?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  And speaking of music, check out my new favorite YouTube music obsession below.  Oppa Gangnam Style!

Image credit: Alice via shutterstock.com

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