TechWyse Releases Tool To See If Facebook Ads Pass 20 Percent Rule

By Justin Lafferty 

Many Facebook marketers fear the site’s rule that photo advertisements must contain no more than 20 percent text, mainly because there’s not a great way to tell beforehand if ads violates the guideline. Internet marketing firm TechWyse developed an in-house checking tool, and it decided recently to open it up to the public. Now advertisers can simply upload images and see if they contain more than 20 percent text.

TechWyse originally worked with Facebook to develop the tool for its own clients, then figured that it would be a great utility for others. Advertisers upload photos, which are then shown on a grid. Users can then click on all of the boxes with text, and the tool will let them know the percentage of text-to-image. If it’s 20 percent or below, it’s fine with Facebook. If there is more than 20 percent text on the image, some changes may be necessary for it to be legal.

You can test images through TechWyse’s website or through a Google Chrome extension.

Tyler Shannon, brand manager with TechWyse, spoke with AllFacebook about this tool:

Working with social media managers, we realized that campaigns were slowing down because of issues of promoted posts not getting approved by Facebook’s policy … We searched around and we couldn’t find a tool that would make it easier for us to find out what constitutes 20 percent text on a promoted post. We reached out to our contact at Facebook and he was able to provide us a great overview.

Readers: How often do your ads get rejected by the 20 percent rule?