Techmeme Uses Twitter to Get News Tips

By arnoldzafra Comment

techmemeFor tech bloggers and writers, a good way of getting publicity for their articles is to have them indexed/featured by tech news aggregator Techmeme. However, compared to other news aggregator, Techmeme is very hard to infiltrate. If your blog doesn’t have that much traffic yet, you won’t get into the Techmeme cloud that easily even if you write compeling and breaking stories. But that was when the process of getting aggregated in Techmeme was fully automated. Last year, the employed human editors that apparently selects and filters new that come into the Techmeme stream. Now, Techmeme has introduced a new way to get good articles indexed, by using Twitter.The idea is like this. If you encounter a tech-related news that you deemed is too important and breaking that it should be featured in Techmeme, you can send a tip to Techmeme with the link to the URL of the news and the following “Tip@Techmeme” or “Tip@TechmemeFH”. Make sure that you include the URL of the news anywhere in your Tweet message.

While this is a good way helping out relevant tech news articles, the whole process though would still be subjected through manual intervention. So, its not really a guarantee that the news items will be appear on Techmeme’s page.

But if the news articles you tipped got through the Techmeme stream and appeared on Techmeme, your Twitter ID will be credited for tipping them the news. Could be a good way to increase your Twitter followers if you don’t have too many yet.

This new Techmeme feature also allows you to submit your own news stories provided that they are “tech news worthy” enough. Although Techmeme doesn discourage this, Techmeme’s human editors will still be there to ensure that this feature will not be abuse by those who just wants to promote their articles/stories.