Tech Bigwigs Who Don’t Tweet

By Cameron Scott 

twitter, social networks, celebritiesLook for most influential people on Twitter and you’ll find a verified account, complete with tens of thousands of followers. Marissa Mayer even announced her pregnancy on Twitter. Steve Wozniak, Steve Case, Bill Gates, Jeff Weiner, Vinod Khosla, Ron Conway: All are regular users.

But for a few notable tech luminaries, search Twitter and the only chirp you’ll find will be the sound of crickets.

Tim Cook dominated technology news this week. He has no Twitter account.

Influential analyst and Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker has no account. But a namesake was inundated with new followers after the tech analyst made one presentation. (Meeker also said sharing the more famous Meeker’s name has been “good for a few laughs” when her husband, who’s in VC, introduces her to colleagues.)

Somebody owns the account @LarryGoogle. But if it’s Larry Page, he’s never bothered to use it.

Search Google for Sergey Brin and you’ll find an egg-headed profile picture with zero tweets.

Mark Zuckerburg has an unverified but seemingly legitimate account, which he’s used exactly 7 times.

Sheryl Sandberg has also, curiously, tweeted just 7 times.

Marc Andreessen, the force behind Netscape and the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, has tweeted exactly twice. In May 2007, as Twitter rapidly gained popularity, he posted, “Twittering!” Then, four years later, “I’m back – did anything happen while I was gone?” Those two tweets earned him more than 15,000 followers.

Larry Ellison is a verified user with more than 33,000 followers. Number of tweets? One.

Another VC with name recognition, Peter Thiel, has 13,826 followers on Twitter, but has never tweeted. Not once.

Being on Twitter, even when not active, gives movers and shakers a vantage onto what others are saying, said Andrew Grill, the CEO of Kred.

“Even so we think taking a pass on the world’s largest open social network is a lost opportunity to have valuable dialogue with people in their community,” Grill added.

Image: Julien Tromeur /