Taylor Swift Sex Tape Hoax Floods Facebook

By David Cohen 

If you will allow us to paraphrase Kanye West: Yo, Facebook users, I’m really happy for you. I’ll let you finish, but that message about a Taylor Swift sex tape is a hoax.

Hoax-Slayer reported that the following Facebook message (unedited) has gone viral, and clicking the link results in user being asked to fill out bogus online surveys aimed at acquiring their personal information:

Taylor Swift’s iPhone Hacked – Sex Tape LEAKED!

The famous singer Taylor Swift had her iPhone hacked Monday and a sex tape between her and former boyfriend Harry Styles has been leaked on the internet. Taylor’s publicists are trying to take down all of the websites hosting it, but we found a working one! Watch the video before it’s taken down! CLICK HERE ———> (link removed)

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO! >>>>>>> (link removed)

According to Hoax-Slayer, possible results from clicking on the link include:

  • Users are asked to reveal their names, addresses, and contact details.
  • Users are encouraged to download toolbars, games, or software, most likely malware.
  • Users are asked for their mobile phone numbers, after which they are automatically subscribed to expensive text-messaging surveys.

Readers: Have you seen the Taylor Swift sex tape message?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.