Target Sponsored Stories Showing Up At Top Of Facebook Users’ News Feeds

By David Cohen 

Might this be Facebook’s first step toward addressing the potential advertising revenue shortfall Facebook mentioned in the run-up to its initial public offering? Several Facebook users have pointed out the presence of a sponsored story from Target at the top of their news feeds.

We wonder how much negative pushback Facebook will receive from these ads. One user who pointed it out commented:

WTF? I never hit like on the Target page. Why am I getting this?

In the interest of fairness, we should point out that Facebook remains free of charge for users, and that Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly stressed that he will not clog the social network with advertising.

Still, every time Facebook does add or experiment with adding ad units, the negative feedback is almost instantaneous.

Readers: Have you seen sponsored stories from Target or similar content from other advertisers atop your news feeds?

Screen grab courtesy of Ticular Principal Ulrike Ruppelt.