Find Craft Beer Through Crowdsourced “Taplister”

By Mary C. Long 

Ever in the mood to visit a local pub for your favorite beer, but you don’t know if they carry your favorite beer?

Taplister lets craft beer drinkers find beer on tap near them through the beer search on and the Taplister app for iPhone,” offering real-time crowdsourced tap lists and beer menus nationwide.

So if you love beer, you’ll love this site!

“Taplister is a service that allows consumers to look for bars or beers closest to them. A map displays all of the places where the beers are available,” says Taplister’s CEO, Kerry Finsand.

How many beers does Taplister have listed? 9,000 and counting, according to their blog post yesterday.

But that’s not all. If you’re on the other end of this equation and want to get the word out about your craft beers, “Taplister also offers marketing tools for bars and restaurants.”

The Taplister Digital Beer Board™ helps bars turn any HDTV or digital display into a digital beer menu. And the Taplister Tap List Management System lets bartenders and managers update the list of what’s on tap via on a PC or smartphone.

And there’s a FREE interface for bar owners, with expanded offerings, of course, for a monthly fee. Here’s what you get for free and you can find the rest of their pricing info here:
Signing up for a paid account makes sense to us though, as Finsand tells us that “both the bar patrons and bars themselves can list beers on tap.” So if you’re a bar owner, having the ability to “lock your list,” which you’ll find in the tiered pricing options, would likely be helpful.
Taplister is currently available as a website and iPhone app. . . . [and] we are working towards having an Android app available in the first quarter of next year.  Taplister is primarily focused in the US, but is also available in Canada.  After many consumers and bars asked us to add additional cities we decided on utilizing the Foursquare API to make this a reality.  This allows us to easily add more locations for patrons to find where their favorite beers are ontap. . . . Our partnership with, (the worldwide leader in beer information) makes it easy for us to expand since they have traction all over the world.
So will you be checking this site out the next time you’re in search of your favorite brew? Let us know if you do!
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