10 Talking Animal Videos That Make Animal Lovers Howl

By Megan O'Neill Comment

From dogs saying “I Love You” to goats yelling like men, parrots imitating space ships and little pigs crying “Wee wee wee!” all the way home, talking animals are pretty darn funny. We’ve put together a list of 10 of the funniest talking animal videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side Preview

If animals could talk, what would they say? This preview for the BBC show, ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ puts the words in animals’ mouths and it is one of the funniest animal-related things I’ve seen.

Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side – Episode Three Preview

The last clip wasn’t enough for you? Here’s another ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ video from the BBC.

Husky Dog Talking – “I Love You”

Mishka has become one of the world’s most famous dogs, thanks to this video of her saying “I Love You”, which has been viewed over 25 million times on YouTube.

Piggy – GEICO Commercial

I just have one word for you. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Shocking News with Octopus! – GEICO Commercial

GEICO first made a name for itself in talking animal advertising with the talking Gecko, and now they’re on a roll putting words in the mouths of other animals. There’s the talking piggy above and now…a singing octopus?

The Talking Goat

This goat really wants to eat some bread, and he knows how to ask for it too!

Goat Yelling Like A Man

Apparently the goat above isn’t the only one that likes to talk. This video of a ‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’ is another popular YouTube hit.

Talking Parrot Einstein

Everyone knows that parrots can talk. But how many parrots can do all the imitations and sounds effects that this amazing parrot named Einstein can do?

Endangered Animals

A new campaign from Swiss ecology group Biovision has launched a new video campaign to spread awareness about endangered species. It features endangered animals talking about things like philosophy and quantum physics. It’s a little strange, but entertaining nonetheless and definitely deserves to be included in this list.

One Crazy Talking Cockatoo! Bird

If you are at work, where you are supposed to be doing your job, then this cockatoo has a message for you. “What are you doing?! Get back to work!”