Take This Lollipop Meets Linkin Park; Users’ Facebook Photos Added To Band’s Video

By David Cohen 

Take This Lollipop creator Jason Zada and interactive director Jason Nickel teamed up to co-direct the video for Linkin Park’s “Lost in the Echo,” following the lead of viral video hit Take This Lollipop by incorporating users’ Facebook photos into the video.

Mashable reported that Facebook users can access the video at LostInTheEcho.com, and, much like Take This Lollipop, after they grant temporary access to their accounts, their photos will be used in the video, which can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda told Mashable:

I think we’re at a turning point for the “music video.” The whole idea of doing a static 3:30 movie or performance to sit underneath a song feels kind of boring,

I never put personal pictures up on it, so … half of the pictures were of dogs, landscapes, and random silly things. It was hilarious to watch this video pull those pictures and see the characters in the video break down in tears over a picture of a ham sandwich.

And Nickel told Mashable:

This kind of experience is still in its early days. As social media grows, and as people become more comfortable sharing their personal information, or events in their daily life, I see these experiences becoming more common, and easier to fall into.

Readers: How did your video turn out?