Tagged Launches Social Discovery Mobile App With Real-Time Chat

By Azam Khan Comment

The online dating market is heating up and a plethora of new services have arrived on the scene. Tagged, a large social network focused on helping others meet new people recently unveiled free iOS and Android apps to help others meet other local members and chat in real time. More after the jump.

“We approached 2011 with the goal of making Tagged easily accessible by every mobile device,” said Tagged’s CEO Greg Tseng. “Now we are taking the next step in delivering Tagged to everyone, everywhere and creating mobile-only features that will increasingly take advantage of all that mobile has to offer.”

Mobile is the natural progression for Tagged which is focusing on providing its users accessibility across all the major platforms and devices. This mobile launch will also offer location-based, real-time chat for users. Tagged’s challenge remains to increase adoption of its platform as the value of its services will become apparent with a significant amount of users.

As we know, anything real-time like gaming requires a bunch of users to be online at the same time. Chat, however, is an asynchronous experience so even if you message someone, they can reply at their leisure. Tagged’s mobile app has been seeing an increase in the number of DAUs, growing from 2 percent in Dec 2010 to 20 percent as of July.

New features for the new iOS and Android Apps include:

  • Location-based, real-time Chat. People can search for other nearby Tagged users in real time and chat
  • Redesigned user profile presentation for best mobile viewing
  • Added grid view for friends

We last caught up with Tagged’s Co-Founder, Greg Tseng, near the end of last year when he explained how the social network distinguishes itself from the likes of Facebook and others. According to Greg, there is roughly an 80 percent overlap in active users since Tagged is an alternate service to Facebook. At the time Tagged roughly had 50 FTEs and boasting 100M registered users, 5 billion monthly pageviews and profitability for a third straight year. Having seen  strong growth on the web, we wish Tagged the best of luck in replicating that success on mobile, which holds a much larger opportunity, especially as you take location and chat into consideration.

Others in the space include MyYearbook who are focused on helping people meet new people and offering many games with challenge modes to aid in breaking the barriers of communication. In our next feature we will discuss this space in further and explore the opportunities dating and gaming together bring to the table.